Lennar Fiji Model Home

Some vacation rental owners may still be hesitant about paying someone else to design their properties. The initial financial investment can be off-putting enough, and when you add designers to the mix, you might wonder if the décor isn’t something you can handle yourself. The reality is that this is one area you can’t afford to skimp on; potential renters will be put off by poor design, ununiformed color schemes, and poor space planning. They are paying to stay in your property and they expect to be treated to something spectacular, like the Lennar Fiji Model Home.

Cool and casual elegance

The secret to this elegant design scheme plays out in the details. Cool, crisp colors; furnishings that are sleek and modern; and bright pops of color that attract the eye invite you to come in, sit down, and prepare to be amazed. Our Lennar Fiji Model home provides all that and so much more. From the first glance to the final goodbye, your guests are going to be captivated.

The dining area features a solid wood table, yet still has colors that are cool and light. The gray of the table is complemented with brightly colored captain’s chairs covered in a silky fabric; the remaining chairs are solid wood and are also gray in color. The creamy beige colored walls are soothing without being boring.

More pops of color are brought in by fabric colored cornice boards over sliding glass doors and dark wood cabinets in the spacious kitchen. Tiled backsplashes, stainless steel appliances, and granite countertops complete the casual elegance of the Fiji Model design. Formal dining rooms can be made less stuffy with metal chairs; a wood and metal combo table; and a chalkboard wall at one end—perfect for announcing the specialty de la Maison or for welcoming new renters by name! Do not underestimate the appeal of personal touches like a simple handwritten message in which you greet your guests by name.

Living areas will be cool and streamlined with sofas and chairs that are deceptively plush and inviting. Plus, keeping with the same color scheme throughout the unit helps the home appear more spacious. Colorful shower curtains and fluffy towels soften the bathroom’s hard surfaces.

The children’s areas can be playful; the Lennar Fiji Model offers a bunk bed in the shape of a camper with brightly colored décor. Adult bedrooms will feature soft dreamy colors of the sea, or vibrant shades of blues and reds; we offer different packages with different color variations depending on your own preference.

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