Lennar Maui Model Home

Our Lennar Maui Model Home exemplifies the modern vacation rental design, and with sleek, sophisticated colors, it’s popular amongst vacationers! The house features eight bedrooms and five bathrooms, but you can modify this design to fit any property size. The blend of metallic and jewel-toned colors is a unique choice not often offered by today’s vacation home owners; ensuring your property will stand out from the crowd!

Bright casual elegance

We’ve thrown out the rule book with this beautiful design and it pays off with a colorful and casual style that still manages to maintain the modern elegance that is so appealing to today’s vacationers. The wall color in the living area and kitchen is two-toned, with creamy beige above the chair rail and cool grey below it. The colorful rug on the floor allows you to go neutral in the furnishings, or be daring as shown and choose a bright pink! A mix of metallic—gold in the coffee table and etagere below, and silver on ceiling fan above—is a trend we’ve stuck with throughout the design.

The dining area has remained neutral with a glass and wood coffee table, white fabric covered chairs, and three circular, gold rimmed mirrors on the wall. In a vibrantly colored open concept design, sometimes you need a soft place to rest your eyes—this dining area provides that break.

The kitchen is another soft place, with creamy white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, gray speckled granite countertops, and a two-tone gray backsplash. Pops of color show up in the burgundy placemats on the counter. The acrylic and gold metal barstools make an additional statement without taking up too much visual space.

As we go deeper into the tour of our Maui Model, notice how the walls are become more colorful, while the furnishings become more neutral; the neutrality keeps the color from becoming too chaotic, as restfulness is important in vacation homes.

The children’s areas allow more freedom and playfulness in design. Kids love and thrive in chaos, and our surf-themed room—complete with a surf shack—will be a happy surprise for the younger set!

The adult bedrooms stay calm and peaceful in darker tones—a midnight blue accent wall in one room, calm sea blues in another. Our design also includes exterior furnishings, with dark wicker topped with bright turquoise cushions in this example. The thicker cushions add to the comfort of this look.

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