The Vermillion House

The Vermillion House is a prime example of what we can do if you want to tailor the design of your vacation home to a certain theme park or attraction. In this home’s design, we wanted to incorporate Disney as much as possible to attract guests who are visiting local Disney parks. We furnished the common areas of the home with a bright and fun green décor and then focused the designing to individual bedrooms to give each guest their pick of what theme excites them.

Common Areas/Master Bedroom

These areas of the home include the kitchen, living room, dining room, and the master bedroom. We wanted to theme these areas of the home Disney neutral, but still give the house a fun vacation feel. We choose to go with a nice bright green color that everyone would love. It gives a bit of warmth to the home, but still allows us to decorate using updated methods. We also chose to decorate the master in a similar theme to make sure parents don’t get over exposed to Disney the entire trip.

Individual Bedrooms

Four of the bedrooms in this home were themed to match different aspects of the Disney brand. We included a princess room with all the Disney princesses in a mural, a Peter Pan room with shadows of both Peter and Tinkerbell, a Star Wars room with a Darth Vader picture, and a general Disney room with a full wall-sized picture of Mickey and Pluto. These rooms are always a hit with families enjoying the parks!

We didn’t want the entire home to be about Disney, though, and also have two other rooms without Disney décor. We want to make sure that families have the option to immerse themselves or stay with a bright, but more neutral décor.

If are interested in this style of design for your own vacation home, please give us a call today. We would love to discuss all the ways we can make your home more successful as a vacation rental through our design process!